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My journey begins here…

Hello people of the internet! Firstly, I would like to say that this blog has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally get started on it. I guess I could say that it was my mum and an English teacher at school that mainly promoted the idea to me, especially as I want to be a journalist in the future.  But the main reason I wanted to start a blog was to get my voice heard; as clichéd as that sounds, it’s the truth. As a teenager myself, I feel like sometimes we are wholly represented by what is shown in the media and the perception of the ‘stereotypical’ teenager. In movies there are two types of high schoolers: the ‘popular’ ones who party every weekend, and the nerds. Anyone who knows anything about young people know that is, largely, not the case. Who says you can’t be a mix? So I’m not going to get into a massive rant about this (not on my first post anyway 🙂 ) but does anyone else feel this way? Feel free to leave a comment guys!

Before I say goodbye to my first post on my blog (eeek!) I just want to mention a singer I discovered 2 days ago, called Bea Miller. I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and I stumbled upon a video of this girl in a leather jacket and bleached blonde hair with a microphone, so I decided to watch it. Before she had even finished singing her first word, I knew she was my new favourite artist. I’m not joking go check out the song!!                                   The even better thing about this girl? She’s 15, around my age, and so inspiring to me. Her dreams came true, so that gives me hope for my future. She was pegged as one of the most influential teenagers of 2014, and its not hard to see why. Also, she has the best style ever, just another thing to add to my list of Bea being amazing.

So thanks for reading guys, and I will try to post again before Christmas, but if not, have a great Christmas!


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