education, GCSEs

Back to school…

So tomorrow is the fateful day. The day I go back to school. The first day of school in the calendar year I am doing my GCSEs. I am so scared, and honestly, I feel extremely unprepared. I’m nervous for tomorrow, which is weird considering I still have almost five months before my main bulk of exams (even though I do have a drama controlled assessment coming up on Thursday!!) This again probably stems from my lack of doing much work this holiday, as afore mentioned in my previous post. I know I need to get more organised, proactive and just with it overall. My main aims for this year, as in my new years resolution, is to be proactive with my learning, so I can get the best grades possible. If that means doing half an hour of making flash cards on top of homework one day, or learning a paragraph of my Chinese, so be it. I just have to work hard from now on.

The picture above perfectly represents how I have been feeling about my schoolwork lately, and this is NOT a good thing. which is why I am trying to change. Nobody’s perfect, we are all just human (unless you’re…not?) but I believe if we work hard enough, we can achieve whatever we want. So here’s to 2015, and bring on GCSEs!!

Thanks for reading guys! I would love to hear about any of your struggles and ways you are going to overcome them, or if you already have, as it would be great encouragement for me. See you soon 🙂


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