Last few days of the Christmas holidays…

Happy new year guys! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past few days, I don’t intend to make a habit of it! I hope your 2015 has been great my amazing readers, and you have managed to stick to your (if any) New years resolutions. I know I haven’t, which is just great and gives me lots of hope for this year 😦

For me, the worst time period of the holidays is the last couple of days before I return to school. This is because of one reason, caused by me. My schoolwork isn’t done so it piles up. Meaning I have to cram and cram and cram. I don’t know why, but every holiday I always procrastinate and do my work in the last couple of days. This is the predicament I am in right now, and it is terrible. At the beginning of every single break from school, I tell myself I will start my work early, so I don’t end up in the crisis I am in right now. But there is a self-conscious voice in my head leading me on, informing me that “I don’t have much work to do at all.” I discover that this is, actually, a big fat lie about five days before school starts, and if I was clever I would get cracking straightaway right? Wrong. Apparently I am not smart at all, because this just causes me to procrastinate even further, annoyingly. This procrastination comes in many forms, but I suppose one came in the form of yesterday.

Yesterday four friends and I went to the Saatchi gallery in London. I know what you are thinking, not your typical hangout for 15 year old girls, is it? We went because basically all of my friends are art students. Not me, I’m a drama student. (Woo go drama!) Anyway, so I thought I would tag along because the Saatchi is modern art, and if I’m interested in a specific type(is that a thing?) of art, it would be that. Only when we were practically running through the huge double doors into the expansive old-on-the-outside-but-modern-whitewashed-on-the-inside building to escape the rain, did I realise I actually had no idea what I was getting myself into. Proceeding into gallery 1, I realised what it was that made the Saatchi gallery so special and unique. Most of the art was… Nonsensical. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at half, no, most of the time, and looking round I wasn’t sure if many people had any inkling whatsoever of what was being depicted either.

But that is the beauty of modern art. If you look at a Van Gogh or a Blake, there are only so many ways you could decipher it and usually it is obvious what you are inspecting. But with modern art, a whole spectrum is opened up to you. Whatever medium is used, your interpretation of the artwork could be completely different to that of the person standing to your left, as well as to the person on your right. Well, this only applies to the abstract kind housed at the Saatchi, but there is a kind of compelling nature to these works, especially the more grotesque ones. The gallery was split into 14 galleries within the building, each one housing artworks to do with certain topics, ranging from idealism and religion, to a room filled with flags made entirely of human hair. I’m not sure what I was more repulsed by; the fact the artist had to weave all the flags, so touching the hair, or that they were hanging from the ceiling, so could technically fall on me any second. Either way, it definitely showed a different perspective on things, what that view was, I’m still trying to work out. But actually, when we stood back and saw the whole thing, I noticed for the first time the hair made flags. I noticed the light and dark hair used to accentuate shapes, and it made me realise that to see something, it really is better to look at the bigger picture, than the fine details. This way, you won’t miss the important things.

Thanks for reading, and leave any comments/ideas below!


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