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London is my city…

Hey my amazing readers! Today I had the day off school, and my friends and I decided to go into London, because, why not? I LOVE MY CITY!

We met at the station and even though I was late, (of course) I wasn’t last though! 🙂 We got on the London Kunderground (as we have begun to call it, because, as we finally realised today, it is not completely underground – fun fact 🙂 ) and went to Chinatown for lunch. My friend from Hong Kong basically ordered for us all, but I was disappointed because, although I speak Chinese, I can only speak (little bits of) mandarin and the restaurant was Cantonese. Ah well, it was still amazing seeing my friend ‘in her element’ in effect, and all of us watched her in awe. (so no, it wasn’t just weird me) I had never been to Chinatown before, so this was such an amazing experience for me. This is one of the many things I love about London. The fact there is practically a microscopic China (food-wise anyway) in the centre of London, is just, well, awesome. Now I can see the comments rolling in saying there are Chinatowns everywhere, and yes, I know. But what I’m trying to say is, its not just Chinatown. You walk two streets and you can get Italian. Walk further down that street and you can choose from probably upwards of twenty different cuisines. This is what I love. The humongous range of cultures and nations represented, not only through the people living and visiting the city, but also through the medium of food. As well as living in what is practically known as the centre of the world, I get to try cuisines from loads and loads of different cultures and countries around the world. Who wouldn’t love this? Especially for a person my age, this opportunity is brilliant and we can take advantage of this as much as we want. So if anyone is visiting/planning to visit London, definitely buy lots of different types of food!! (The markets also do delish street food, as well as the markets themselves! Another recommendation.)

One of my weaknesses is photo booths. Not that I have actually been in that many, but I love the whole concept of them. So, in Chinatown, imagine my excitement as we searched through this tardis-like cute Japanese shop for this photo booth, to finally stumble upon it, and finding out that you can decorate the pictures with cool backgrounds and foregrounds and cartoons and stars and afros and… and… Sorry. You can see my excitement. In true Japanese style (according to my Japanese friend) the photo booth had all these cool things that no English photo booth has, so take note British photo booth makers! Things like this; you wouldn’t find them anywhere else (unless in East Asia, obviously!) which makes them all the more exciting! And the fact that we kind of went on an adventure to find it makes it even more… magical in a way? I know it sounds stupid, it is ONLY a photo booth, but the way we found it is such a brilliant way to find things that only you will know about. Which makes you seem pretty cool, for sure 🙂 Especially in London, sometimes the best way to find hidden treasures is to get a bit lost, and not have a clue where you’re going. You will probably find all the best things this way. I know I want to continue doing this!

A tradition lately amongst people my age: bubble tea. Normally from Bubbleology, but other places are just as cool, if not better. The recent phenomenon has spread like wildfire, with my personal favourite being passionfruit fruit tea with strawberry popping boba, hold the tapioca please. But there are plenty of options; milk tea, fruit tea, with or without tapioca, with or without jelly/popping boba, or the infamous mystery tea. Oooooooh. So there is something (delicious!) for everyone basically. And this is coming from someone who can’t stand tea and accidentally ordered 0% sugar.

Covent Garden: the home of street artists. Also the home of classy, upmarket shops and restaurants. And public toilets that cost 50p to enter. Moral of the story: if you are not in the mood for spending copious amounts of money, maybe don’t come here? Unless you have an extremely high level of self-control. In which case, this is quite a necessity to visit I guess, if anything just to take a selfie with the floating building.

I hope this has given you a taster of why I love my city, London. I would love to hear what you are amazed by where you live, in London, or even your favourite holiday destination. And any of your fave (secret or not) places to go to in London, I would love to know so I can scope them out, maybe even discovering a few more hideouts along the way 🙂 Thanks for reading, get commenting!! x


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