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What a ‘cool’ way to celebrate…

Hi guys! Happy Easter (for those who celebrate!!) I have FINALLY broken up from school, well, on Thursday if you want to be completely accurate. Anyone else at school finish at the same time? I know my siblings and all my friends outside of school broke up way before me, not holding a grudge at all! 🙂

On the 20th of March, one of my closest friends turned 16, and she had a party with 5 of her, well, I presume 5 of her closest friends. (Not putting words into your mouth Tish!!) To celebrate, her mum had completely organised the whole thing, even she had no idea what was happening. There was lots of guessing, highly inaccurate ones at that, I can tell you now. So straight after school, all 6 of us ran as fast as we could to the cars so we could race back to hers and, as girls say, beautify ourselves. For me, this meant putting on a black bodycon/shift dress with diamantes dotted all around the front, a hand-me down from my cousin, and a pair of black kitten heels, and to finish, threw on my signature leather jacket. (Kind of taking away from the formal outfit with the studded collar…) Plus obviously doing my hair and makeup. After numerous photos, group and singular with the birthday girl, we rushed out of her house, to get the tube into London.

We got off at Oxford Circus and walked down Regent Street, past Hamley’s, Liberty’s, even random shops that we thought we were going into every time we passed one. And just as we began to feel really anxious about where we were headed, we crossed the street and turned right down Heddon Street. Which just stumped us even more. Until we kept walking and her parents called us back, and we looked up in the awe at the sign that read: “Ice bar London”. I had never even heard of this place, but it is, in literal terms, a bar made completely of ice. The bar itself, the tables, the chairs… Even the glasses are made of ice!! To maintain all of the ice, it is kept at degrees Celsius, so you are allocated a 40 minute slot, and you have to wear special cloaks and gloves that they provide for you. It was honestly one of the coolest experiences (pun intended), and excuse the terrible photos! The lighting was definitely not camera friendly.

imageimage imageimageimageimageimage

image image image image image

image image

After this incredible start to the evening, we made our way down the remainder of Regent Street, towards Piccadilly Circus, taking in the bustling activity and beautiful night time in London, like tourists.

image image image image image image image image

image image image image

image image image image image

image image image image image


Finally we reached dinner, which was at the Criterion. This is right next to Piccadilly Circus, and the reason why we went here was because it was featured  in Downton Abbey. Yes, my friend is the biggest fan ever, as you can probably tell. This was such a fancy restaurant, and we were getting a table all to ourselves, (the girls, I mean), so I kind of felt sorry for anyone sitting near us. But it was incredible, and delicious of course, so I thought I would show you the beautiful décor, and most importantly, the food. Again, I apologise for the lighting, it really did hate me that evening.

image image image

image image image

image image



(We had starters, but I forgot to photograph, sorry!!)

Here are the mains: My delicious tomato pasta, honestly the best pasta I have ever had.


The biggest fishcake I have ever seen.


A huge chicken supreme.

Despite being completely full, and were even cradling our food babies, of course we had room for dessert (but we did share one between two.)


My decadent blood orange and chocolate cake, with blood orange sorbet, salted caramel and cookie crumble.


A deconstructed eton mess, with blackberries (not sure what else).


White chocolate and peanut butter mousse, honeycomb pieces and raspberry sorbet.

image image

And of course, for the birthday girl, with love from the Criterion. (And extra for the rest of us.)

So there we have it. One amazing evening, two awesome places, both of which I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to splash out a little on a trip out in London, or for a little treat. Word of advice: if you are planning a trip to the Ice Bar, don’t wear open shoes. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope you enjoyed looking at what I would regard as a posh night out in London!


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