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Radiant Vermin, they Said…

Good evening my dear readers! Although I am still on my Easter holidays, I haven’t exactly been enjoying myself, due to having to be revising/working constantly. Well, either that or feeling really guilty because I’m not working, which is worse to be honest. So because of this, I have hardly anytime to myself, hence why I haven’t posted in over a week. My drama piece, my first GCSE, is in two weeks yesterday, so you can imagine I am freaking out only slightly!! As you can guess I probably won’t be posting much due to my never-ending workload and the increasing pressure that is mounting on me, but I shall try! For now, enjoy this little insight into what I got up to last week 🙂

Last Tuesday (7th April) my mum and I got dressed up and took the train to Oxford Circus (Again! If you want to see what else I’ve been doing near Oxford Circus, check this out: We then took a walk along Oxford Street, and I noticed how many Spanish tourists there were! I’m not sure if this just me, but because I learn both Chinese and Spanish, if I hear people speaking those languages, I try to see if I can understand any of what they’re saying. Anyone else? No? Just me then…

Finally we found the alley we were looking for and turned down into Soho. I’m not sure if I have ever been before, I’ve been to Carnaby Street but I’m not entirely sure if that is part of it? Anyway, we arrived at Soho Theatre which, in my opinion, is pretty cool and I definitely want to start going to more small-scale pieces at venues like Soho Theatre. We went to the bar, and with a quick checking out of my surroundings, I realised I was definitely the youngest there. By at least 3 years, and that was only 1 guy. The rest were in their early-mid twenties at the very least. Still, I didn’t really mind and just wanted to have a fun night (with hindsight I highly recommend this theatre!!) The play started at 7:15 so we had some time to kill, but finally we were allowed to make our way into the performance space.

As it was my first time at Soho Theatre, I was quite sceptical about what to expect, but when I walked into the room with tiered seating that I thought hold roughly a maximum of 100, I was immediately reassured. The bright white minimalistic set that I had seen in so many movies as what  ‘typical small plays should be performed on’ had me on edge, but also very excited. It was a first-time experience for me, and was thrilling to say the least. I was squirming in my seat with eager anticipation, when two people ran out onto stage; a young couple with their ‘baby’ in a baby carrier. They were gushing about their beautiful, amazing family home, but how they had to do horrible, shocking, horrific things to get to where they were now. (Never in a million years would I have ever guessed what they actually did. Not that I would ruin that bone-chilling surprise for you. you will have to find out for yourself.) It started with basically the epitome of a fairy godmother (working for the Government, so take that as you will) giving them a free house “because you are the perfect fit, who else helped their mother bathe when her arthritic fingers became too much for her to handle?”, with the intention that they would do it up in whatever way they could, so attracting people to the area. This lady was played by Amanda Daniels, the reason we went in the first place, as my mum is friendly with her. She perfectly portrayed the happy, seemingly-generous-but-actually-manipulative government worker, and her audience asides were witty and brought a comical element to the increasingly deep, intense and at some times quite scary piece of drama. Focussing on the main couple, they showed their struggles, both morally and emotionally, in a way that was engaging for the audience, and made me get so caught up in the moment that I jumped when my mum accidentally nudged my arm. And their multi-roling skills were so brilliant, I have actually stolen some ideas on characterisation for my GCSE piece! So without giving away anything about the play, ‘Radiant Vermin’ is definitely a must-see, especially if you are in the mood for a very intense and somewhat chilling comedy, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

As the play was only an hour and a half long, it was about 8:55 by the time we got out, so my mum wanted to take me to this beautiful chocolate café she had been to before , with Amanda, the actress we had just seen perform, of all people.  After about half an hour of fruitless searching, plus a frantic google search, we finally arrived at Said, a pretty little Roman chocolate café. The rustic design had me itching to take tons of photos, so here we go lovelies:

image image image image image image

image image image image image image image

image image

Look at all that yummy chocolate! Well, it gets better, because here is what I ordered:


Milk chocolate hot chocolate, that was as thick as my dipping chocolate for the churros in Spain! Delicious! I especially love the delectable lipstick print 🙂

image image

My mum’s coffee and my hot chocolate

image image image

These strawberries (pre-dipped in milk chocolate) were literally the size of my palm! And made my evening 🙂

If you love chocolate as much as I do, or just want a delicious hot drink (or a bar of chilli chocolate which is apparently very popular with the ladies), go check out Said:

image image image image image image image


image image image image image image

Here are some snaps of Soho and Carnaby Street, and we found Shaun the Sheep! Turns out there are fifty of these fluffy menaces dotted in and around the city in a colourful charity trail, so see if you can find any 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this little taste of my evening, I know I enjoyed it a lot, thanks mum for this treat! Will definitely have to make further trips to Soho, that’s for sure. I would love to know if you guys have found any hidden treasures; in London or wherever you are from. Please comment, like and follow to join our little online family 🙂 Good night!


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