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The Next Phase…

Good morning/afternoon guys! I thought I would take a break from my summer chapters to tell you guys a little about what I did on Thursday: I started sixth form.

For any readers who live outside of England, Sixth Form is when you are in year 12 and 13, so aged 16-18. All students have completed their GCSEs and work towards their AS and A levels, which are essentially the most important exams to do well in, as they get you into university.

First of all, my results. On the 20th of August I woke up at 8:30, with a long two hours to go before I could collect my results. I showered, read, watched tv; did everything I could to try and pass the time as quickly as possible. Finally 10:25 rolled around. I basically ran out of the house with my mum so we could get there as quick as possible, and I was so nervous. We arrived at the sixth form block about 10 minutes later, and I practically flung myself out of the car and dashed through the crowd of excited girls to find my envelope. After a quick hello to a close friend I hadn’t seen in over six weeks, I went into the room, only to see tables full of white envelopes. Finally I found mine, and I stood at the front of the room just looking at my name. My stomach was doing constant flips, and I felt slightly nauseous. Despite one of my closest friends standing by my side, I was shaking. Visibly. Urged on by my friend, I finally prised open the envelope and pulled out the two slips of paper inside.

I got 8A*s and 3As! I know I should have felt overjoyed with these fantastic results, but honestly, I think I was slightly disappointed. If you look back at my new year’s resolutions post here, you can see that my aim was to achieve 10A*s/As. I even got an A in additional maths (the highest grade you can be awarded,) and I had worked so hard on that so was extremely proud of myself. Now, I’m not saying what I got wasn’t good. Heck, even I will admit it’s brilliant! And I am so proud of myself for getting them, because I know I worked hard.

A teacher then approached me about re-marks, so I’ve applied for two re-marks. Watch this space! I then told my mum what I got, and she practically screamed with delight and congratulated me while I think even crying a little. When we finally left we called my dad in the car, and when I told him even I started crying. I think it was partly due to relief, and partly because I was a bit overwhelmed. Nevertheless, I was feeling pretty pleased.

I have to say, having all my hard work paying off did feel good. Everyone was so proud of me and I think that’s how results day should be. As long as you work hard, you should be proud of yourself, no matter what you get. Even my brother and sister seemed surprised and were happy for me, which is quite a feat I tell you that. And to top it off, we went to lunch at Wagamamas as a reward 🙂

Just under two weeks later, on Wednesday night, I was trying to decide what to wear. My sixth form is own clothes, and I wanted to dress nicely to make a statement. (We also had photos so I had to look nice) I also think Iwas using finding what to wear as a way of subduing the nerves that were building up in my stomach, as well as my sadness that summer was over.

I had been doing GCSEs for 3 years, and I knew what I was doing for them. A levels are a completely alien thing to me, and that scared me. In the end I changed my mind in the morning anyway. I decided on one of my favourite dresses, a black and white striped Urban Outfitters dress with a cut-out back, with a black cropped cardigan to cover my ‘illegal’ bare arms, plus my signature fake vans (go Primark!) I kept my makeup pretty natural, and the bottom half of my hair was wavy, as I had put in a plait for the night while damp.


To start off the year, we had an assembly, and I was late. Typical me. Not as late as the 20 girls who lumbered in 5 minutes later causing a huge racket, but still late. After that was basically two hours of sorting out timetables, teachers, forms etc. We had photos and then we got to go home at 1:30. Nothing special. Except for the fact we were wearing own clothes, and were in a  completely different building.

Friday was my first proper day. I’m studying Biology, English literature, Geography and Spanish this year. I had biology, English lit and geography on my first day, and before lunch I had a completely new experience. A DOUBLE FREE PERIOD! I cannot tell you how amazing that was. Although it was the first day, I still had to do some geography summer homework (woops), but it was great just having the time to do that, and being able to have lunch whenever I wanted. One of my fiends and I have all the same frees, so we have made a pact to go to the gym at least twice a week. Well, I will keep you updated as to how long that’s going to last.

To everyone who received results/university places this year, congratulations! And to everyone with exams sometime in the next year (including me), GOOD LUCK! Thanks for reading and now I had better go do homework, because that’s one negative thing about year 12. There is a heck of a lot of work! 🙂



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