Best night ever…

On the 28th of September, I experienced one of the best nights of my life. Yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but it honestly was so much fun, and quite emotional actually. One month ago yesterday I went to the One Direction concert at the O2 arena in London. It was so great that I want to share it with you, and no matter what your opinion on the band are, I would really appreciate if you would stick around and share your (positive) thoughts. 🙂

I have been to a One Direction concert before, last June at Wembley Stadium and, although that was obviously so much fun as well, I just knew this one would be even better. But before the day of the concert there was already a lot of drama, as originally my friend and I were going with my mum and 10 year old sister, but about 3 weeks before my family pulled out. So I had got (or so I thought) 2 other girls from my year to come, but when I asked one the week before the concert, she said she couldn’t come. You can imagine how stressed I then felt, because I had a £50 ticket that I had to offload in just over a weekend. Finally, after asking probably about 5 or 6 people, a friend accepted them. That’s when the excitement fully kicked in.

The whole day at school on the Monday I was bubbling with excitement, and every glance at my friends showed we all felt the same. Then 3:45 came, and two friends and I headed back home to ‘beautify ourselves’, and half an hour later, we were rearing to go.. We met our other friend at the train station and, after what felt like the longest 40 minute tube trip I’ve ever experienced to the O2, the four of us practically ran out of the station to collect our tickets.

Before the concert we had about an hour to kill, so we got sushi and waited tentatively, each holding our tickets like they were our lifeline (which, in a way, at that moment they were!) watching the minutes pass on the clock. And of course, waiting in the toilet queue passed a lot of time, with the ladies’ line ridiculously long in comparison to the basically non-existent men’s line. At a few points during the wait we saw girls go into the men’s’ loos, and we were so tempted to join them. But after a long wait and a final exit of the toilets, it was time to go into the arena.

I can’t describe how it felt to go into that arena, and although it was not even half full, the noise and chatter from the multitude of teenage fans was tremendous, and only made us feel more excited. This did not surprise me in the slightest though. What did was the number of young children and men that were there. Now, I’m not saying that males can’t like One Direction and I highly respect those who do, but there were a lot of dads there! There was a girl aged about 5 behind us with her dad, and I felt a bit bad because I knew we would be standing up the whole time. But the bubbling excitement soon distracted us and, after taking a few customary selfies, we settled into our seats and waited for the back up band, Augustana, to come on.

Augustana came on at about 7:30 and performed for roughly half an hour. They were quite good actually, and because I had done my research, I knew a few of their songs so could sing along. They were fun, but of course there was inly one band that the whole stadium wanted to see, and about 55 minutes after Augustana’s last song, the lights were cut and the heart attack-inducing intro music started.

There is honestly no feeling strong enough to explain the emotional journey and excitement that occurs throughout the duration of a One Direction concert. The opening, this time it was Clouds, was… No words can describe it. Even if you lose your voice from screaming so much already, you know you are in for one AMAZING concert. Once the music starts, cue the screams of 50,000 people, and about half of those probably cry at least once during the concert. All I can say is that one minute you will laugh your head off because of Harry telling their families to “get off your pretty asses!” Then almost cry with joy because they sing your favourite song (which happens every song because, if you are a true directioner, every song is your favourite!) And of course scream with happiness and excitement every time Harry flips his majestic lion-like mane of luscious hair, and when Niall does his crotch-grab during Midnight Memories, and when Louis and Liam run around the stage chasing each other with silly string or water bottles (which is for the majority of the night.) But the thing that is one of the most enjoyable parts of the night? Singing along to every single song, and dancing and screaming the whole night long.

The only negative feeling you endure the whole night is the feeling of pain when they leave the stage, and you are forced to go home. And yes, post-concert depression is a very real thing.


IMG_6862 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6892 IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6869

Just writing this has got me smiling and reminiscing, wishing I could go to one of their last 3 OTRA shows. They really are great entertainers and an amazing band, whatever people say about them. It was the best night, and even if you are not a fan I assure you with 100% confidence you would enjoy a One Direction concert. I am so excited for their album to come out on the 13th of November, and I will definitely miss them during their break. I can’t wait for their tour in 2017!! 🙂


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