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The Next Phase…

Good morning/afternoon guys! I thought I would take a break from my summer chapters to tell you guys a little about what I did on Thursday: I started sixth form.

For any readers who live outside of England, Sixth Form is when you are in year 12 and 13, so aged 16-18. All students have completed their GCSEs and work towards their AS and A levels, which are essentially the most important exams to do well in, as they get you into university.

First of all, my results. On the 20th of August I woke up at 8:30, with a long two hours to go before I could collect my results. I showered, read, watched tv; did everything I could to try and pass the time as quickly as possible. Finally 10:25 rolled around. I basically ran out of the house with my mum so we could get there as quick as possible, and I was so nervous. We arrived at the sixth form block about 10 minutes later, and I practically flung myself out of the car and dashed through the crowd of excited girls to find my envelope. After a quick hello to a close friend I hadn’t seen in over six weeks, I went into the room, only to see tables full of white envelopes. Finally I found mine, and I stood at the front of the room just looking at my name. My stomach was doing constant flips, and I felt slightly nauseous. Despite one of my closest friends standing by my side, I was shaking. Visibly. Urged on by my friend, I finally prised open the envelope and pulled out the two slips of paper inside. Continue reading

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(Not) Just girly things…

So today I wanted to try something a bit different, and do a couple of product reviews. And as it was just Christmas, what better time to rate some things I got! I would like to do some more of these in the future, so any comments/ideas would be appreciated.

First things first: the U.Spicy make up brushes. In case you were wondering, yes I am one of those girls who wears makeup, like the majority of my friends. I don’t wear a lot, just concealer if I need it (I usually do as spots are an unfortunate side effect of being a teenager) and matte powder. And often mascara. I might do a further post about my normal face routine, so I will leave it at that. Make up does start to become very popular amongst teenagers at an increasingly young age, now it’s considered weird if 13 year olds don’t wear it! But I didn’t start regularly wearing it until about a year and a half ago, which was actually pretty late amongst everyone in my year at school. So as I have only been wearing it for a short time period, my brush collection was, to say the least, rubbish. The brushes were either from cheapy kits or a starter make up case I got about 4 years ago (and most of these are now broken). They were very bristly and my powder brush almost ruined the powder itself, but, not knowing better, I thought this was normal. Until I unwrapped the beautiful purple box on Christmas morning.

As I looked at it, I was VERY confused  and I had absolutely no idea what it was, and as I slowly slid open the box, I literally gasped at the magic inside. Inside, there were 10 brushes, 5 large and 5 small, and they can be used for every single make up technique you could ever imagine. The black hairs have ombred white tips, and I swear it was like in a movie when triumphant music plays as I stared in awe at them. It was probably kind of ridiculous how excited I was (and still am) to try them out, but then I removed one of the brushes from the plastic casing. THEY WERE SO SOFT! And fluffy. Automatically I loved them even more. So when it came to getting ready for lunch on Christmas, I rushed upstairs and actually had to read the booklet to decide which brush to apply my powder with (I think I chose the wrong one though). Again they amazed me by how soft and easy to use they are. What I’m trying to say is, if anyone wants to get some new make up brushes, I would highly recommend these ones.

Moving on: ‘Four’, by One Direction. Yes, I am a directioner. I have all ‘four’ of their albums (pun intended), and went to their concert last June! Even better, I’m going again later this year!! So excited!! One direction is like my guilty pleasure, so please can no one write any negative comments about them please, as it won’t discourage me from them at all.

The album ‘Four’ was one I had been looking forward to owning for quite a while, as I have listened to it on Spotify (which i ADORE) many a time. The music is so different from their previous albums, and has a really rejuvenated feel to it, like they have completely changed their look. (Which I guess they have, hello hair!!) The first song, ‘Steal my Girl’, has a really strong piano riff and is just simply amazing! I love all of their alums, but this one is different. I know people who didn’t like One Direction before ‘Four’, and has since completely changed their view on the band. I think it’s because it has a bit of a more rocky sound and even some folky songs, and despite the weird topic of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, (when you fall in love with your kidnapper, yeah weird, I know) the songs are very relatable, as well as having lost their pop element. This allows their music to appeal to a wider demographic, which I think is quite clever. Good on them for breaking stereotypes! So before anyone writes off this album just because its One Direction, I would give this a go, because honestly, it’s really good (i’m not being biased here) and all the songs are very catchy.

Lastly, ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg. For anyone who doesn’t watch YouTube, (don’t. You will get addicted 🙂 ) Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is a major blogger/vlogger, and YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She released her first book in November (I think?) and because I just started this bad boy, I was kind of interested in it. I started reading it on the 28th, and by the 29th I had read almost half of it. I think that speaks for itself honestly. I haven’t had any time to read any more since yesterday, but it was so gripping, and easy to read as well. Also, the protagonist, Penny, is my age, so I find it completely relatable, which is great to discover in a book. Penny basically lives my dream, when she gets to New York that is, and it is just such a sweet, yet touching, story. Penny herself is a blogger, and the blog posts included add to the storyline a lot. I kind of felt like it was Zoe herself living it which was quite cool, whether it was intended or not, I have no idea. I also find it inspiring that Zoe incorporates her experiences with her panic attacks into the character of Penny, as it allows the reader to understand better what they are like, hopefully gaining knowledge about how to support someone having one, or how to deal with one yourself. It adds depth to an otherwise quite, shallow (?) novel. Saying that, this is a great read, and I can’t wait to find out how it ends!

This was just a trial to see if I could do things like this, if you liked it or wanted to leave a comment it would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading guys, and have a good end of 2014!