fitness, new years resolutions

Trying to keep my resolutions…

This stuff is harder than it looks you know. For starters, no I did not go for a run last week and noooo, I have not been doing at least two hours of work (AT LEAST!) a day. Oh, and of course, as you would probably have noticed if you follow me, (if you¬† don’t… you know what to do ūüôā )¬†I haven’t been uploading as much as I was in the Christmas. I’m not going to apologise because a) that’s boring and b) I did that in my last post. But wow… When I type it out like that, I now realise how much of a, well a failure I have been for the start of 2015. Not exactly how I planned it.

One positive thing though. I have started a¬†“14 day lean legs challenge”, because I have felt recently that my legs could use some love (aka toning.) ¬†I got a new pair of jeans for Christmas, and I really want to make sure I have good legs for them. I’m only on day two, yes, I know, but I am actually really excited to see the outcome! Also any exercise you can do in your bedroom is brilliant right? And so easy to do, so I literally cannot NOT do this programme. I would appreciate the encouragement¬†to just get any of my resolutions in tact, and I hope I inspire some people to do the same, be it fitness, eating, workwise or even limiting tv time! (That sounds like¬†a good one actually. Hmmm.)

Lastly, I would just like to offer my condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in France earlier this week. It is terrible, and I think I say on the behalf of everyone that these attacks must be stopped.

Thanks for reading guys, tell me how you are doing with your resolutions! (Presumably better than mine) x