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Brunchtime bonding and pedicures…

Hi guys! So, as you might know if you read my last post, I FINISHED MY GCSES YESTERDAY! I am going to do a post about that later tonight, but I am just so happy I have to let everybody know! ūüôā

So, because I had two days between my penultimate and very last (!) exam, on Wednesday I decided to do something with my friend. Initially we¬†wanted to go out for lunch, but then I craved pancakes, so we arranged to go to brunch. 10:15 was the time¬†I told¬†my friend to come pick me up, so I went to bed and set my alarm for 8:00, to give me time to get ready.¬†At 8:30 my final alarm went off,¬†which I turned off, but must of drifted back into a deep sleep because 6 phone calls, 5 calls to my home phone and however many times the doorbell rang, I was still asleep. I woke up to the phone home ringing for the sixth time, admittedly quite confused, so I rolled over and checked my phone. It was 10:31! I had numerous texts from my friend who was waiting on my doorstep (again, I am SO sorry!) so I had to¬†leg it¬†downstairs and let her in. Surprisingly, she wasn’t actually too mad, (or so she says…) which I obviously love her for! I’m pretty sure I would have left way before so she’s an extremely¬†good friend, while I am¬†now a¬†very bad one!

When we were walking to the bus stop, about 10 minutes after she arrived which, I have to say, was very quick for getting ready for me, I realised I had forgotten the sunglasses. These aviator sunglasses were ¬£2.99 from H&M, and my sister had¬†a pair of silver ones with a silver lens which actually suited me (I’m not the most photogenic sunglasses person). Yes they are from the kids section, ok?¬†I loved them so much, plus they fit me properly, so I asked my mum to buy me a pair, but they bought me a gold pair with pink sides. I tried them on and they didn’t fit properly so I wanted to exchange them, but my sister¬†won’t let me get¬†the same pair as her. What do you think? Can I get the same sunglasses as my 10 year old sister? (It does sound kind of weird) Leave a comment!

We finally arrived at Maggie’s, and because I made her wait, I bought my friend a smoothie, and I got a chocolate milkshake. And of course, the reason we had brunch in the first place, pancakes.


We both had these Strawberry and Chocolate Pancake Stax, which consisted of three thick pancakes piled on top of each other, smothered in rich chocolate sauce, and of course, strawberry slices. Do I need to sell these any more? Note: no I do not. They were delicious and now I want more. ūüôā

After I got back from brunch, my beautiful mother decided to treat me to a pedicure. We went to this little place she had been to 4 weeks before, and I was excited because the last time I had a pedicure was when I was 10, and that was only a mini one anyway, so it was a new experience for me. My mum chose her colour, a hot pink, quite quickly, but, faced with walls of nail polish, I took a little bit longer. I eventually chose a periwinkle purple from China Glaze that I thought was very cute; then came the fun bit. We sat in our chairs, and to make the experience¬†even better, they turned out to be massage chairs. I didn’t realise how tense¬†I was until it was turned on and it got to work on unravelling my knotted back. I guess that’s what 5 weeks of sitting at a desk does to you. As for the actual pedicure, it was very relaxing but instead of describing it, which could be kind of gross because… well, it’s feet, here are¬†some pictures:

image image

image image

And there’s the finished product! I think it’s so pretty! (Also, it is more purple in real life)


In the evening, we went to watch my brother play cricket, and it was such beautiful weather that I had to take this.

Wednesday was a good day for me, even though I did eventually have to do some work. ūüė¶¬†I hope you enjoyed this and have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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The end is finally near…

Uuuuummm… So that happened. I disappeared off the face of the Earth for about a month. Yeah, sorry about that. I warned you though! In my last post about my last day of school ( ) I told you guys that I was starting my GCSEs and, shock horror, that’s all I have been doing for the past 4 weeks!

Firstly, I just wanted to give a little tip to anybody who is going to be doing exams next year, or later on this year. Do not take study leave for granted. If you have it, USE IT! I’m not saying I haven’t, used it because I definitely have, but maybe getting up at 9:30ish most days wasn’t the smartest idea. For me this meant I typically didn’t start revision until about 10:30 or 11, meaning that¬†it was pretty much already hallway through the day. I was still able to revise lots and I think I have worked pretty darn hard these past couple of weeks, but if I had started earlier, maybe I could have got in one or two more hours, or even have allowed myself to finish for the day earlier. So, tip: aim to get up¬†for normal school time, or as close to as possible.

Now here we are, 7th of June, 2015, and I only have 3 exams left. Geography and Chemistry on Tuesday, and Physics on Friday. Then I am done. And then I have a well deserved rest, which I am so excited for. It really is the best feeling to know that all your hard work is almost over, but that, for now, you should probably stop procrastinating and get back to work.

GCSEs have been hard work and no fun at all, despite what my headmistress believes, but I’m on the home straight, and I know my summer will make up for it! 17 down, 3 to go!

Adios, my lovelies, and see you in the not so distant future ūüôā

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I guess that’s a wrap then…

So something really weird happened to me today. I finished school. Well, I still have my GCSEs to do, they start on Friday (aaaahhh!!!) and of course the two years of sixth form, but I have finished the official part of year 11. I start study leave now I guess, and for all of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when students leave school in order to ‘study’ for exams. That’s the intention and that is most definitely what I intend to do. (So sorry if I disappear, yet again!)

I think the strangest thing about technically finishing year 11 is that it is not like any other year we have experienced before in high school. For starters we have finished in May which is just odd in itself. Yes the majority of us will just move into year 12 with all of their friends like it’s no biggie, but people leave. In my year roughly 10-15 girls are leaving, and considering there are only 88 girls in the whole year, that’s quite a lot! It will definitely be a weird feeling when we have our induction and all of them are missing. ūüė¶ (Shout out to you R!)

Yesterday was my year’s last full uniform day together, as today¬†half the year had their art exam, so wore own clothes. As you can only imagine, the halls were a frenzy of squealing, thousands of pictures taken, selfies galore and of course, the legendary shirt signing. As we don’t wear uniform in sixth form, this is our way of celebrating, and in a way making sure we remember everyone. So we thought it would be a great idea to have a whole year photo in our shirts out on the tennis courts. The photos are truly brilliant and such a great way to have ended the year as a year group. My friend also made a good luck video for us using clips of everyone dancing, in small groups and then just before we took the year group photos. It is such a beautiful video and I may have teared up just a little when I first saw it! The music is “started from the bottom now we here”, which we all agreed is very fitting ūüôā

Today we had our good luck tea, which included a handmade powerpoint made by¬†another friend of¬† hundreds (literally 600) of photos that were mainly hideous, but also very cute, and stretched all the way from year 7 to yesterday! The “aaawwww”s and “oh my gosh!”es that were ricocheting around the hall were all you could hear, and it was hilarious and a great reminder of our year group’s journey through high school, as cheesy as that is. It was definitely touching, even if¬†it was¬†slightly cringey, but great to make us laugh before the real struggle takes over, oh joys.

So that’s it¬†for the fun and games of year 11; now we get down to the¬†nitty-gritty terrible twos, this time two months chocker-block with exams, with my first out of 18 in Friday. My last exam is on the 12th of June, and I am holding out for that day! That’s when the celebration of a culmination of 2-3 years of¬†work begins. And I cannot wait. The promise of Thorpe Park and a great summer holiday is what will ultimately ¬†get me through. Now I just need to knuckle down, as my parents say. So what more can¬†I say, except: GCSEs here I come!!

Wish me luck in the comments, and please like and subscribe!!

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Work, work, work…

I’ve been back at school for three days now. I got home on Tuesday and my mum asked how my day was, to which I replied, “I’m sick of school.” And I had literally been back at school for one day.

I have found year 11 to be the most strenuous year of my life school workwise¬†(so far obviously. Sorry people who disagree) This week alone, I had a practise paper due for maths, I had to learn my Chinese oral presentation, and my drama controlled assessment started today (hence why I haven’t posted anything for two days). I also have to face getting all of my mock results back, which¬†could be completely traumatising in itself!! Surprisingly I have actually been getting quite good marks so far, which is a relief! Apart from the workload, I suppose school has actually been alright. It’s been good to get all the girls back together (I go to an all-girls’ school) and to see everyone again. We do all feel like there has been no holiday, “What holiday?”, but it’s still great to¬†have everyone together,¬†and just be able to chat to the people who you¬†would never meet up with outside of school.

I made a discovery in the Christmas holidays. I was given¬†‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green for Christmas, and I started it last week. It was all great and I was thoroughly enjoying reading about the rebellious teenagers adventures; until the second half of the book, named “After”. A couple of pages later, I realised there was a trend establishing among the two John Green books I have read. They both heavily involve death. Green is known as the author of ‘The Fault in our Stars’, and it is well known that that book will ultimately lead in a death (not telling you who though – go read it! ūüôā ) This book though, to begin with, held the indication of a romance evolving between Miles (the narrator) and… someone. So, as you can imagine, I was completely not expecting it at all when I read the news of the death. (Again, not telling you who!) I was shocked, to say the least. I can only commend John Green for instilling such a deep emotion in me, but, wow. I know death is all around us, but I would really like to know why both books are so… morbid I guess? Any ideas, I would love to hear them!

The picture above is the motto that Miles lives by almost, and I personally think it is a great quote. I find it inspiring, so I thought I would share it¬†with you guys, my lovely beautiful readers ūüôā

I suppose this post is also a bit morbid, but I really am interested!¬†I am going to now go and finish¬†‘looking for Alaska’, and see how it ends! (please be a bit happier) Thanks for reading, bye!!

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Back to school…

So tomorrow is the fateful day. The day I go back to school. The first day of school in the calendar year I am doing my GCSEs. I am so scared, and honestly, I feel¬†extremely unprepared. I’m nervous for tomorrow, which is weird considering I still have almost five months before my main bulk of exams (even though I do have a drama controlled assessment coming up on Thursday!!) This again probably stems from my lack of doing much work this holiday, as afore mentioned in my previous post. I know I need to get more organised, proactive and just with it overall. My main aims for this year, as in my new years resolution, is to be proactive with my learning, so I can get the best grades possible. If that means doing half an hour of making flash cards on top of homework one day, or learning a paragraph of my Chinese, so be it. I just¬†have to work hard from now on.

The picture above perfectly represents how I have been feeling about my schoolwork lately, and this is NOT a good thing. which is why I am trying to change. Nobody’s perfect, we are all just human (unless you’re…not?) but I believe if we work hard enough, we can achieve whatever we want. So here’s to 2015, and bring on GCSEs!!

Thanks for reading guys! I would love to hear about any of your¬†struggles and ways you are going to overcome them, or if you already have, as it would be great encouragement for me. See you soon ūüôā