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The Next Phase…

Good morning/afternoon guys! I thought I would take a break from my summer chapters to tell you guys a little about what I did on Thursday: I started sixth form.

For any readers who live outside of England, Sixth Form is when you are in year 12 and 13, so aged 16-18. All students have completed their GCSEs and work towards their AS and A levels, which are essentially the most important exams to do well in, as they get you into university.

First of all, my results. On the 20th of August I woke up at 8:30, with a long two hours to go before I could collect my results. I showered, read, watched tv; did everything I could to try and pass the time as quickly as possible. Finally 10:25 rolled around. I basically ran out of the house with my mum so we could get there as quick as possible, and I was so nervous. We arrived at the sixth form block about 10 minutes later, and I practically flung myself out of the car and dashed through the crowd of excited girls to find my envelope. After a quick hello to a close friend I hadn’t seen in over six weeks, I went into the room, only to see tables full of white envelopes. Finally I found mine, and I stood at the front of the room just looking at my name. My stomach was doing constant flips, and I felt slightly nauseous. Despite one of my closest friends standing by my side, I was shaking. Visibly. Urged on by my friend, I finally prised open the envelope and pulled out the two slips of paper inside. Continue reading