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My literary adventure (part 1)

Hello dear readers!! How are you all doing now that the weather is finally looking up in this corner of England? I hope you’ve been cherishing every precious moment of this inevitably short burst of spring; I know I have!! And look, I even felt compelled to write this post today, so that’s an improvement, right?

At the beginning of this year, I vowed to myself that I would start reading a wider range of books from a variety of different authors, but the main aim of my ‘resolution’ (so to speak) was to read authors of completely different nationalities. When you pick up a book, the first thing that you think about is the appeal of the cover, am I right? The cover is usually the thing that catches your attention, so it needs to be good. Then the title. Then the name of the author, occasionally, depending on whether you have heard of them or not. But what never springs to mind, (for me at least), is the nationality of the author. I don’t think I have ever gone into a library or bookshop with the mentality of “ok, today I will get a book written by a non-English or American author”. Please let me know if it has happened to you, as this just might be something completely unique to me!

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