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Being British and muddy…

So my dad became a fully fledged British citizen today, and yes he did have to make the oath to the God and Queen. I had never been to one of these ceremonies before, and it was actually quite fascinating to see how people are made officially part of the country. What was even more unbelievable to me was the sheer numbers of immigrants that take the pledge: about 100 every second week. That’s roughly 2600 a year, just in my area!! And we wonder why the British Government wants to control immigration! I personally think it is a brilliant thing as, without it, I probably wouldn’t be here right now, but… just WOW!

I know this probably wasn’t a typical post, but hey,this is my daily life right? Oh and something to amuse you all, I went to lunch at a family friend’s house still wearing my dress, then someone had the ‘great’ idea of allowing me to take a 13 year old boy, two 12 year old boys and a 4 year old boy to the park – while still wearing my dress. Needless to say, there is a chance I miiiight have looked like the girl above after that – minus the wellies.

Thanks guys, have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow!!!! Love ya!